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It’s Buyback Season

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BuybackPileSummer vacation is nearly upon us, which means the school year is almost done. We feel that we can safely assume that the majority of your time is now spent planning and thinking about all of the fun you’re about to have in July and August.

But the end of the school year is also a time to plan for selling your no-longer-needed textbooks back to Alpha Textbooks to recoup some of your schools expenses.

Every year, families spend a lot of money on resources students rely on to succeed in the classroom. Textbooks, novels and e-resources, to name a few, are staples of a student’s educational arsenal.

But what happens when the school year comes to a close and students don’t need those resources anymore?

Without a system in place to collect surplus school supplies, those resources can end up in a closet collecting dust, or even in a landfill. Neither of these outcomes are sustainable practices, nor do they help families stretch their budget for school expenses.

When textbooks go unused, or are thrown away, we are forced to replace them, and we use up more of a natural resource – paper.

Here at Alpha Textbooks, we strive to encourage our customers to help us keep gently-used school resources in circulation by selling their books back to us.

Saving money is a major concern for many people. By helping us operate as a sustainable company, our customers get the opportunity to get back some of the money they spent at the beginning of the school year. Furthermore, they earn credit that can offset the price of their educational materials for the following year.

With the help of our customers, we’ve been able to sustain the life cycle of thousands of educational materials, and in doing so, we’ve helped many families recoup some of their school expenses. And we’re just getting started.


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