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Welcome Julie Martin, Director of Strategy and Operations

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Julie MartinThe Alpha Textbooks family is growing! We are thrilled to introduce our new Director of Strategy and Operations Julie Martin. Julie brings her wealth of experience in business development, strategy and client relations to the Alpha Textbooks team.

“I’m excited to join the energetic and passionate team at Alpha Textbooks,” Julie said. “Alpha’s customer-centric culture, focus on environmental and social sustainability, and ability to adapt to technological changes have been the keystones of its success, making it a company I’m proud to be a part of.”

It is an exciting time of growth and renewed visioning at Alpha Textbooks, and Julie is a valuable addition to the company. As we grow and seek new ways to enhance our business operations to provide the great service our clients and customers have come to expect of us, Julie’s expertise is key to fulfilling our vision.

“With my own success in strategy, marketing, and financial positions, I look forward to leveraging my skills to ensure Alpha Textbooks continues to provide a satisfying and enriching experience to everyone we serve,” Julie said.

As we prepare to launch new operations improvements at Alpha, Julie’s start at the company is timely. “Customers and clients should expect some positive changes to the way we do business, including technological developments,” said Cris Costa, Alpha’s communications manager. “Staying relevant and in tune with the changing demands of schools and education, while keeping our services easy and affordable is Alpha’s top priority. We’re very happy that Julie has joined us.”




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