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We raised $1050 for Kids Help Phone during our 2015 peak season

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KidsHelpPhoneEvery year, Alpha Textbooks collects donations, both online and in store, to raise money for Kids Help Phone.

Supporting Kids Help Phone has been important to us for many years. We know that supporting children and teens through difficult times is critical to their success in school and later in life.

In 2015, we renewed our pledge to Kids Help Phone and reinvigorated our donation-drive for the duration of the back-to-school season. Customers were asked to donate $2 at checkout, in store and online.

The 2015 drive was successful. We surpassed our goal of $1000 and collected $300-400 more than we have in recent years.

While the team at Alpha Textbooks feels that we can collect more in future years, we’re happy about our success in 2015. More donations mean more awareness about the important service.

This year, Kids Help Phone expanded their online services by adding more time and resources to their live chat – a feature that has been growing in popularity over the years. They also introduced a new resource designed exclusively for teen boys, BroTalk.



Teen Boys are less likely to reach out for help, despite having equal needs for counseling and other support services. As a result, teen boys are more likely to die by suicide than teen girls. Addressing the root causes of this is at the core of the new service. To learn more about BroTalk and/or how you can support it, visit Kids Help Phone’s organizational site.

Thanks to Kids Help Phone for teaching us more about their services and plans for the future.

A special thanks to all of our customers who generously donated this year.


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