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BookSwap Celebrates Earth Week 2015 with Tree Planting

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Howard PlantingFor Earth Week 2015, our sister company, BookSwap, braved a cold and windy day to participate in spring tree planting with the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority (TRCA) Living City program.

For over a decade, BookSwap has been donating trees for annual spring reforestation by the TRCA. The trees are donated on behalf of the schools and school departments who purchased $250 dollars or more in books with BookSwap for that previous year. That means almost every school and department that orders books from BookSwap has a tree planted on their behalf.

Teens coming to plantIn the last two years, BookSwap participated in the actual planting. This year BookSwap went out to Valleywood Fernbrook Park, along the Etobicoke Creek Trail in Caledon, Ontario. A group of approximately 40 students from a local high school came out for the plant, too. Using the training, guidance and support provided by the TRCA, the trees were planted quickly and well.

“It was really cold out there,” said BookSwap communications manager Cris Costa. “The freezing cold winds surprised most of us. So we got down to business and planted as fast as we could. Then it felt like the trees were planted it no time. It was fun.”

ShovelsWe want to congratulate the TRCA’s Living City program, all the teens in Caledon who helped out, and the schools who had a tree planted on their behalf. You’re doing great work for the environment and our communities. Keep it up!


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