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Short Story Shortlist Announced

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SHORTLISTWe are pleased to announce the 2014 Alpha Textbooks Short Story Contest shortlist.

This summer, Alpha Textbooks launched its first annual short story contest for middle and high school students in all schools across Ontario. Two prizes of an iPad mini are up for grabs, one for high school students, one for middle school students.

We received submissions from students all over the province, as north as Sudbury, as east as Ottawa, and as southwest as Hamilton and the Niagara region.

To preserve the integrity of the anonymous judging process, only the titles of the shortlisted stories can be released at this time.

High School Shortlist (alphabetical order):

  • Best Worst Day Ever
  • Bus Rides
  • Change for the Better
  • Grade Twelves’s Moonstone
  • I Rescued by the God of Dwarves
  • It Takes One to Know One
  • Life Without A Safety Net
  • Moving Fast and Looking Ahead
  • My Worst Day of School
  • Nightmare’s Anarchy
  • Sinister Smiles
  • The Senior and The Sophomore


Middle School Shortlist (alphabetical):

  • Act of Remembrance
  • Late
  • Mr. Me
  • My First Day of School
  • The Big Change
  • Two Worlds Apart
  • Umbracula Castle
  • Wow, What a Day!

We brought back our short story contest in response to a growing concern about literacy in Ontario. We want to encourage kids to be creative and see literature as a celebratory and rewarding activity.

“We have always been big advocates of the language arts. They are an integral part of learning,” said Alpha president, Howard Cohen. “The abilities to write well and think creatively are such important life skills. That’s why we are encouraging kids to put the ‘pen to paper.’”

For more information on the contest, visit



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