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Be a judge in the 2014 Short Story Contest – Calling all Teachers

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UPDATE – August 5, 2014 — The contest website is now live. You can find information about the contest, registration process, info for teachers + more!

Check it out at


Alpha Textbooks is bringing back its annual short story contest, for youth across Ontario.

Special to 2014, we’ve added a middle school category. That means we will be running two competitions, one for high schoolers and another for the up-and-coming teens in middle school.

So what that really means is that some lucky youth in middle school and high school will win an iPad mini, donated by Alpha Textbooks. ComingSoonWebPage-Alpha Textbooks 2014

Right now, we’re looking for teachers who would like to participate as a short story judge. We also ask permission to promote their participation on the contest website, in addition to requesting that they kindly accept a modest gift of store credit as a thank-you.

For more details about the contest, or information on your role as a judge, view this PDF  – Call For Teachers – Alpha Short Story Contest 2014 (UPDATED August 5, 2014) – and please share it with other teachers!


We support reading and writing, and we look forward to launching the contest soon!




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