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SPC is here!

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SPC_LOGO_KWe are happy to announce that we are now an authorized retailer of Student Price Cards (SPC). You can purchase your SPC card in store or online.

SPC has been Canada’s #1 student loyalty savings program since 1992. SPC Card helps students save an average of 10-15% on the brands they love at over 100 national retailers.

Alpha Textbooks is offering a 30% in store discount on school supplies and in-store items for SPC holders, starting August 1, 2014.*

We are joining hundreds of retailers across the GTA and Canada who offer SPC discounts. Here are some great and familiar names. For a full list of SPC national retailers and deals, check out the website.

spc shop short list



For more info, see the news release here: SPC Launch_News_15July2014.

* Discount is not applicable to educational resource materials (i.e. textbooks, student workbooks, teacher’s resources, etc.).




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