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Alpha Textbooks takes a tour of Kids Help Phone’s National Office

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From left: Cris, Alpha Textbooks, Sarah, Kids Help Phone

From left: Cris, Alpha Textbooks, Sarah, Kids Help Phone

Monday, we went down to the Kids Help Phone National Office for a tour of the centre and to learn more about the service, its funding initiatives, and the counselling process.
Alpha Textbooks first started supporting Kids Help Phone more than 10 years ago, and since then we have contributed more than $4,000 through collecting donations and adding our own contribution.
We believe that Kids Help Phone is an essential service for the well-being of children and youth in Canada. Helping kids cope gives them a better chance at succeeding at school and in life.
Kids Help Phone is a community-based national charity that receives no guaranteed ongoing financial support from the government or any large funder. It relies on community and corporate support to keep its service available around the clock, every day of the year.


All of the counsellors at Kids Help Phone are professional, experienced and specialize in different areas of youth counselling. We had the chance to see where they work. The centre has an advanced call management and resource computing system that ensures caller anonymity, while facilitating access to a database of 46,000 resources to help young people find support in their local community.

The Walk & Volunteers
The Walk so Kids Can Talk presented by BMO is a fun and inspirational 5K that brings together thousands of kids, adults, families, schools, community organizations, and companies on the first Sunday of May to raise funds for Kids Help Phone in more than 26 communities across Canada. Many of the volunteers participating in organizing the Walk are former Kids Help Phone service users. They may feel that Kids Help Phone helped save their lives – they want to give back. There are about 500 volunteers who support the Walk each year.

Apps & More
Kids Help Phone has developed its website and web services in different sections so that kids and teens have access to the resources specific for their age group.
There is also a great app, “Always There,” which helps kids and youth log their feelings, flip through a ton of youth-submitted tips, inspirational quotes, and jokes aimed at helping them cope with stress, provides a direct connection with Kids Help Phone’s professional counsellors, and allows them to access Resources Around Me, a database of 11,000 community resources that can be accessed both through the Always There app and at Feedback on the app has been positive and it is well used.


We want to thank Kids Help Phone for inviting us to their National Office and for the warm welcome we received. We look forward to continuing and expanding our commitment to the service.



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