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Alpha Textbooks: cleaned and made new

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Book buyback season is upon us. Alpha Textbooks is gearing up to start cleaning, rebinding and overall refurbishing used textbooks for sale for the new school year.

Sustainability and conservation, both of the environment and of your wallet, is a core component of our mandate. It’s our business to take a used book and make it as good as new, which helps save trees and saves you money.

Sometimes we receive books that have been significantly damaged. When this happens, the books can come back to us looking like this:BooksNeedRefurbishing

With a little bit of TLC, we turn these broken books into this:


No small feat! This year, we’re looking forward to documenting the process for you.

The quality of your learning materials greatly influences the quality of your education. We want to make sure that your books are always clean, compact and ready to be used well! A good quality book means that you have a better, richer, learning experience.

All our used books are guaranteed to exceed expectations. Sometimes they may contain some highlighting, but we assure you that students who buy those books will receive A’s in those courses.

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  1. Those look brand new. Nice work!

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