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Can I use a different textbook edition?

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Depending on the course, different editions can mean important changes that might affect your learning experience.

Sometimes different editions have minor changes and page number differences. At other times, new editions can have entire sections or chapters included or removed. These sections might have important information that is relevant to your course work and the quality of your learning.

When new editions are released, the old editions go out of print, so we can’t replace our inventory with that edition. This means teachers can’t ensure consistency in teaching materials if we distribute old book editions.

StoreshelvesFor this reason, many schools have adopted policies that students must use the most current edition as instructed by their classroom teacher. So, it’s Alpha Textbooks’ job to make sure that we give you the most current edition in use.
If you have a copy of a textbook at home, but aren’t sure that it is the current edition in use by your school, give us a call at (416) 461-3542, or check out the Alpha Textbooks website




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