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How do I sell you my books? – FAQ

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It’s true. We buy back your books! At a fair price too. We buy new or used textbooks, teacher’s resources, unused workbooks, novels and reference books. We accept elementary, middle and high school books as well as some university and college level books.


Toby the Wonderdog is ready to buyback your books! Justa #dogwithasweater

The best way to get all the answers you need about your specific books is to come into the store and bring the books with you. That way we can assess the books’ condition right on the spot.

If you think the book is a bit older, and you’re not sure we will take it back, you can email us a list of your books (include ISBN’s, titles and authors). You can also call us at (416) 461-3542 or 1-877-63-ALPHA (1-877-632-5742).

We like to make it easy for you, so we hold regular buyback sessions at various schools, during semester changes and course completions. Send us an email and find out when we’re coming to your school!

We refund on VISA, MasterCard or debit. Sorry, no cash on buybacks. For more information and book condition standards or other buyback info, check out the buyback policy on our website.

See you soon!



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